Vegan Paradise

Viva La Vegan

Any herbivore living in the IE should be well familiar with the self proclaimed “Largest Vegan Store on Earth.” I love this place!!! It’s my one stop place to shop where I can guarantee that all my purchases are cruelty free. I come every couple of weeks to stock up on vegan goodies and once I set foot inside, I feel like a kid in a candy store. They have an incredible selection of products from companies that are dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals and the environment.

During most recent trip I noticed they rearranged the whole store and even got air conditioning- a huge plus in the summer since the heat turns our metropolitan home into a sweltering desert.


I’ve been coming to VLV for a little over a year and their products and variety have expanded tremendously. My most recent trip I snagged shampoo and conditioner from Beauty Without Cruelty and they just got in Pit Paste– which has been on my wish list for ages, but I just never wanted to pay shipping for the 5oz tub if I ordered online.

They have everything from organic produce, food, cleaning products, clothes, shoes, and even condoms that are vegan. Since over 70 percent of us use Trojan condoms, that makes the company Church and White top dogs. The rubbers don’t contain any animal by-products but they are tested on animals.



VLV has their own juice bar and vegan deli/ bakery where they make fresh favorites like macaroni salad, nachos, and cupcakes. On Sunday mornings they even have donuts! What more could a veggie girl ask for.

They also hosts events and potlucks every month. This weekend there is a Food Allergy and Sensitivity Workshop from 11am-1pm on Saturday AND they are holding a Naturally Bazaar Craft Fair 11am-3pm on Sunday.

But I am probably most excited about their 2-DAY WORLDWIDE BAKE SALE in May! Basically everyone in the world is invited to join the vegan-baking craze and hold sales between April 26 and May 4. Five out of the seven continents on earth participate. Yum-Yum-Yum

I’m still waiting for them to get vegan makeup. I personally have been using Kat-Von-D and while the cover up makes me look runway ready, her makeup is sadly tested on animals. Currently VLV has nail polish, mascara, eyeliner, and concealer. I have been meaning to take a trip to Whole Foods and check out their Whole Body Section that I have heard so much about to get organic, cruelty free makeup.



Peace, Love, And Quinoa



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