Where did the word VEGAN come from?

People first began referring to a plant based diet as “vegetarian” in the UK during the 1800s. According to the Vegetarian Society, the first group to stop eating meat was the Bible Christian Church that was led by Reverend William Cowherd.  He believed that eating meat was unnatural and being a vegetarian would improve health.

In the 1940s  Donald Watson was a already vegetarian when he learned how milk was produced. He was so horrified that he stopped consuming all animal products  and he created the word” vegan” by using the beginning and end of vegetarian . Donald and his friends created the Vegan Society in 1944 and they published the group’s newsletter, The Vegan News.

The movement spread to the US in the early ’60s but was not common until the ’70s.  Statistics Brain  verified that 1 million people in the United States are vegan and 2.3 million are vegetarian.


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