Meat is for P*ssies

“I’d rather live 70 years and thrive like a motherf*cker than live 100 years being f*cking sick all the time. ”

Beyond Meat recently sponsored an ad on Facebook for John Joseph’s video, How to Juice and Smoothie. He is also author of the book, Meat is for P*ssies.

beyond meat post

The title of this book has created controversy among women, leading many to interpret it as offensive and objectifying.


Personally, think it’s downright hilarious. People need to chill out and take this book for what it is- FUNNY. Humor is a great way to get your point across.

You can show all the animal torture videos you want and preach until you are blue in the face, but unless the person is receptive to those ways of persuasion, they aren’t going to change their mind.

Remember when Obama took a ton of heat for doing a sketch for Funny or Die to promote Obamacare? People were blasting him on social media sites and saying they couldn’t believe the president would sink that low to use humor as a tactic.

But the truth is, he was able to reach a target demographic that he probably couldn’t have connected with through normal speeches and legislative language.

I even learned something new from Joseph’s  video. The stickers and barcodes on fruits and vegetables actually mean something. If it starts with a 9, it means it is organically produced.

Now I can show my friends John Joseph’s video without seeming like an over advocating vegan.

Another badass addition to your life is Thug Kitchen. It says” f*ck” almost as many times as it says the word “the”. With their ‘eat like you give a f*ck motto’, they seem to be verbally abusing everyone into having a healthier diet.

Thug Kitchen Green Smoothie

Thug Kitchen Green Smoothie

They have a new book coming out this October that will include tips to “save some cash, shop smarter, cook faster, drop some knowledge about veggies, and lots of other dope sh*t to help you elevate your nutritional game.”
I can’t f*cking wait.


The Vegan Stoner is also a pretty sweet blog for those times you’re either too high or too lazy to make a meal that has more than 6 steps. It has easy to read directions with cute illustrations. They even tell you how to make vegan sangria.

Peace, Love, and Quinoa ❤


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