Healthy Heart

I work front desk at the Marriott hotel and last week I received a call from a guest who needed an ambulance. Since I know CPR, I went upstairs and assumed the worst. His breathing was shallow and he was having sharp chest pains. The ambulance came quickly and took him to the hospital because was something wrong with his heart.

Heart disease affects one out of three Americans and switching to a vegetarian diet can cut your chances of developing heart disease by 32 percent. I use my fitness pal to track my nutrition and was surprised when I switched to a vegan diet because my LDL cholesterol was extremely low. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice don’t contain any cholesterol. It’s not until you start adding in the dairy and meat that your LDL cholesterol skyrockets.

So take care of your heart- it’s the reason you’re still alive. The NONONO say it best.



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