Vegan Art

In the last couple years there have been many emerging artists that support the vegan lifestyle and showcase it in their work.

Miru Kim spent four days naked with hogs on an industrial pig farm. She lay for 104 consecutive hours with the swine in 2012 while working on the project “The Pig That Therefore I Am,” wrote , “With this act Kim seeks, one the one hand, to bring attention to the deplorable conditions in which swines, that will eventually become food (with the negative consequences we can imagine), are kept. On the other hand, from a more abstract point of view, the object is to feel the pigs skin rubbing against your own (strangely sensual and pleasurable) and, in that way, all become one.”

Kim denied any animal rights activism or political intentions and she said her focus and interest is in the performance and end result. However, she is vegan and was raised Buddhist.

Kim is notorious for stripping down and taking stunning shots. You can see more of her work here.

Erica Floyd painted this picture of a human drinking milk from a cows udder and pushing the calf away. The calf has a tear in its eye. That is what is happening when we support the dairy industry. There is a lot of controversy over humans drinking animal milk. The argument is that no other species will drink another species milk. Milk is meant only for that species baby until they are old enough to eat on solid food on their own. Cows are artificially inseminated over and over again just so they remain pregnant to produce milk. There are so many better substitutes for cows milk like almond or hemp milk. Knowing everything I know I will never be able to drink a glass of milk or eat cheese again.

And who could forget the infamous Sirens of the Lambs. Last October, British street artist, Bankshy, was in New York and he made a statement about the meat industry. He put a whole bunch of cuddly animal puppets in a truck and drove it around while playing a soundtrack of squealing horrified animals.


Greatest Vegan Search Engine

I think I just found the greatest search engine ever.

Well it is dubbed the Great Vegan Search Engine.

It’s part of google custom search and everything it pulls up is vegan.

So no more looking through countless recipes or only having a handful of vegan sites to choose from.

When searching for things as a basic search on google it often pulls up both vegan and vegetarian, but everything on this search engine is 100 percent vegan.

Thank you Becky Stripe.

We salute you.

Healthy Heart

I work front desk at the Marriott hotel and last week I received a call from a guest who needed an ambulance. Since I know CPR, I went upstairs and assumed the worst. His breathing was shallow and he was having sharp chest pains. The ambulance came quickly and took him to the hospital because was something wrong with his heart.

Heart disease affects one out of three Americans and switching to a vegetarian diet can cut your chances of developing heart disease by 32 percent. I use my fitness pal to track my nutrition and was surprised when I switched to a vegan diet because my LDL cholesterol was extremely low. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice don’t contain any cholesterol. It’s not until you start adding in the dairy and meat that your LDL cholesterol skyrockets.

So take care of your heart- it’s the reason you’re still alive. The NONONO say it best.


Jlo has joined the club


It’s about time Jenny from the Block joined the club. She recently adopted a vegan diet and has reported feeling better than ever after she removed all animal products from it.

Rumor has it that she claimed to be veg a few years ago but stopped after paparazzi snapped a picture of her eating a steak. A couple years ago she even gave Ellen DeGeneres a year supply of Omaha Steaks (even though both Ellen and her wife Portia are both avid vegans). I’m proud of her for going back to the veg life. Now if only she can get her music up to date. She’s 44 years old and her latest single, I luh ya papi, is spelled like a sixth grade girl’s MySpace page.

Meat is for P*ssies

“I’d rather live 70 years and thrive like a motherf*cker than live 100 years being f*cking sick all the time. ”

Beyond Meat recently sponsored an ad on Facebook for John Joseph’s video, How to Juice and Smoothie. He is also author of the book, Meat is for P*ssies.

beyond meat post

The title of this book has created controversy among women, leading many to interpret it as offensive and objectifying.


Personally, think it’s downright hilarious. People need to chill out and take this book for what it is- FUNNY. Humor is a great way to get your point across. Continue reading

Mock Meats, Milk, and Cheese

These girls were  loving the silk chocolate milk

These girls were loving the silk chocolate milk

Last weekend was Kid’s Health Day for the YMCA. The free event showcased the youth organizations serving Pomona Valley. I work for the organization A Little Xtra and we set up a booth and handed out vegan samples. We had original and dark chocolate Silk almond milk, Beyond Meat chicken salad and Daiya cream cheese spread.


Silk chocolate and original almond milk

Silk chocolate and original almond milk

Almond milk is a great substitute for cow milk. It only has 60 calories per serving compared to normal 2 percent milk that is around 122 calories. There isn’t any cholesterol or saturated fat in almond milk and it has the good fats to keep your heart healthy. One cup of almond milk has 30 percent of the RDA of calcium and 25 percent of vitamin D.

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Where did the word VEGAN come from?

People first began referring to a plant based diet as “vegetarian” in the UK during the 1800s. According to the Vegetarian Society, the first group to stop eating meat was the Bible Christian Church that was led by Reverend William Cowherd.  He believed that eating meat was unnatural and being a vegetarian would improve health.

In the 1940s  Donald Watson was a already vegetarian when he learned how milk was produced. He was so horrified that he stopped consuming all animal products  and he created the word” vegan” by using the beginning and end of vegetarian . Donald and his friends created the Vegan Society in 1944 and they published the group’s newsletter, The Vegan News.

The movement spread to the US in the early ’60s but was not common until the ’70s.  Statistics Brain  verified that 1 million people in the United States are vegan and 2.3 million are vegetarian.