Wings are for flying, not for frying

I’m seeing more and more meatless options in grocery stores and it’s nice to be able to stop at Ralphs to pick up veggie burgers for dinner instead of having to go all the way across town to Trader Joe’s. With faux meat it’s usually a hit or miss. Here are some of my favorites:

Morning Star has a TON of meatless options . Their Chik’n Nuggets are my favorite and they’re  in almost every grocery store.  Winco even has them for a couple dollars cheaper than most stores.

As a meat eater I was totally obsessed with orange chicken. It became even more of a challenge to find  the perfect meal when it was faux.  Nothing else has even come close to being as delicious as Trader Joe’s Chicken-less Mandarin.

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Vegan Paradise

Viva La Vegan

Any herbivore living in the IE should be well familiar with the self proclaimed “Largest Vegan Store on Earth.” I love this place!!! It’s my one stop place to shop where I can guarantee that all my purchases are cruelty free. I come every couple of weeks to stock up on vegan goodies and once I set foot inside, I feel like a kid in a candy store. They have an incredible selection of products from companies that are dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals and the environment.

During most recent trip I noticed they rearranged the whole store and even got air conditioning- a huge plus in the summer since the heat turns our metropolitan home into a sweltering desert.


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